Arena Breakout Guide: Tips to level up faster in the game

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Arena Breakout engages in intense action and shooting gameplay, developed by Tencent Games, a renowned Chinese game developer. To progress and unlock crucial content, leveling up is essential. The primary means of how to level up in Arena Breakout is by successfully completing tasks, also referred to as missions. These missions present players with diverse challenges, such as achieving specific objectives, gaining certain loot, or achieving the conditions required during missions.

At the initial levels of Arena Breakout, the tasks are designed to be straightforward and easy to accomplish, especially if players remain focused on the objectives. The game often places players in AI lobbies during this level range, making it less challenging to complete the tasks. These AI lobbies consist of computer-controlled opponents, which offer a less intense and more forgiving environment for newcomers to learn the game mechanics.

While completing tasks at this stage, there is a relatively low chance of encountering real players, as they are likely engaged in the Covert Op mode, a more advanced and competitive gameplay option. This separation between AI and real player lobbies ensures that new players have a gradual learning curve and can become familiar with the game’s mechanics before facing more experienced opponents.

Despite the ease of leveling up in this early stage, it is highly recommended for players not to rush through the levels until they have fully grasped the basics of Arena Breakout. This period provides an excellent opportunity to learn essential aspects of the game, such as:

By taking the time to absorb these fundamentals, players can build a strong foundation for their future progress in Arena Breakout. This knowledge will prove invaluable as they advance beyond level 9 and start encountering real players, entering more competitive lobbies, and facing tougher challenges.

IMaximizing your leveling efficiency is crucial, and accepting every available task, especially the easier ones like eliminating enemies or visiting specific locations, is a key strategy. By doing so, you can complete multiple tasks simultaneously, saving time and earning more XP. Focus on the objective-oriented play during matches, prioritizing task completion over personal achievements.

Coordinate with allies, stay adaptable, and familiarize yourself with the maps to efficiently complete tasks. Keep an eye on task refresh timers and leverage seasonal events for additional XP-boosting opportunities. Striking a balance between task-oriented play and overall team contribution will not only expedite your leveling progress but also enhance your overall experience and success in Arena Breakout.

In Arena Breakout, one of the best strategies to adopt is always prioritizing missions given by Evita, a significant in-game character. By focusing on Evita’s missions, players can unlock valuable rewards, including a coveted 6-slot keychain that becomes a permanent asset in their inventory. These keychains are exceptionally useful and rewarding as you progress throughout the game.

The 6-slot keychain can be used to access locked areas, secure valuable loot, or activate hidden features in the game. As you continue to complete missions given by Evita, you may also gain access to even more potent keys that unlock high-tier loot, secret passages, or special quests. These advanced keys can significantly boost your in-game advantages, providing access to exclusive areas or rewards that are otherwise unattainable.

In Arena Breakout, some tasks may require players to deliver an item to a specific location, which might be in dangerous zones or high-risk areas. When faced with such tasks, players can employ a wise approach to minimize potential losses and risks. One effective strategy is to check the in-game shop or trading posts to see if the required item is available for purchase.

If the item is available for sale, players can opt to buy it rather than attempt to retrieve it from hazardous locations. While purchasing the item might involve spending in-game currency or resources, it can save valuable gear, time, and potential frustrations that could arise from navigating through dangerous territories.

Consistency is key in Arena Breakout, where players should adhere to effective strategies throughout their journey to level 16. Prioritizing mission completion, especially tasks from important characters, yields valuable rewards and unlocks advantages for further exploration and looting. When facing tasks in dangerous zones, players should be cautious and consider alternative options, such as checking the in-game shop for possible purchases.

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